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Development Editing

Development Editing


Please inquire for pricing.

  • Identifying gaps in the plot and where it can be strengthened
  • Comprehensive character review and how each can have more depth
  • Finding possible subplots and threads to support the complexity of the book
  • Comprehensive overall editor’s report, including strong guidance to multiple paths of potential enhancement.
  • Specific to your goals and manuscript, the summary is a one-of-a-kind look at your book
  • The editorial letter is a unique examination of your story, intended to help you create work worthy of publication

Information includes:



  • Cutting unnecessary words, phrases and descriptions
  • Tightening the writing by improving quality and deleting superfluous passages and/or characters
  • Adjusting the timing and arc to prevent the reader from losing interest
  • Offering solutions to troublesome plots, threads and characters
  • Creating realistic dialogue and voices for each character
  • Linking subplots and threads to ensure overall continuity
  • Perfecting absorbing beginnings and endings

Every author has distinct needs and objectives for his or her book. My objective is to create a fluid relationship with every client to ensure his or her manuscript goals are met. I will provide undivided attention to create the best possible outcome. I offer 30-minute conference via phone, email or Skype, so everyone has the chance to ask questions and clarify expectations.