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Copyediting is the last phase in completing your manuscript. Its purpose is to find mistakes and discrepancies that may detract from the professional quality of your book.

A professional copyedit demands a steadfast eye, staunch perseverance and deep knowledge in the kinds of issues that writers miss when they check their own work. Copyediting is completed over several days to guarantee complete focus.

I make thorough, specific notes, detailing anything that might need checking for consistency or correctness. This ensures your readers will read an error-free book and enjoy the experience. Every manuscript draft contains mistakes. I approach each book with sharp eyes looking for and correcting them.

Copyediting Includes Identifying:


  • Spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes
  • Capitalization, numbering and spelling inconsistencies
  • Awkwardly-worded sentences
  • Misuse of words, phrases and terminology
  • Incorrect facts and timeline information